Week 3: “All people are equal, some people are just more equal than others”

5 thoughts on “Week 3: “All people are equal, some people are just more equal than others””

  1. Great post Janine. I also thought of Animal Farm when I read the week’s topic of equality. Brought me back to my high school years. I also agree with you that people should be held accountable for their actions and not hide behind political or social issues and excuses.

    1. Speaking about high school made me think of English class and how it butchered the story! its still a good book to pass on, has so many life lessons and tells mountains about how society works and that history is deemed to repeat itself.

      Thanks for all the support, Chantelle!

  2. Janine you really do inspire me 🙂 I think the issue of equality needs to be addressed from a governmental level because if the government stops blaming apartheid then maybe the people will follow. Youth of today like to blame apartheid but honestly when apartheid ended I was three years old. I think people need to start accepting people for who they are. Times are a changing, a thank you.

    1. Hi St.John
      I was 1 when Apartheid was abolished… i also voice your sentiments, and excuse me if i sound blunt or not politically correct, but during Apartheid i wasn’t white enough and now after, I’m not black enough. Forever in the middle…

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