For Jackson

2 of everything seems so excessive now that you’re gone. 2 small sheepskin beds 2 large sheepskin beds 2 water bowels 2 food bowls 2 milk bowls 2 kennels 14 years and 4 months.   For 14 years and 4 months you blessed our lives Only trusting 4 people Protective instincts at (big breath) 150% … Continue reading For Jackson

For Mother 2.0

Last year I was on my community service year in the field of physiotherapy. I missed seeing familiar faces and the smell of home. It is in these moments that I thought about my mother. Shes the one who gave me strength when I wanted to give up and the one who cried when I … Continue reading For Mother 2.0

19 Years Young

I love people, real events;real stories. This poem I wrote for my mother. It’s more so fitting to be published now 5 years later (since that’s how long it took me to write the squeal, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for that, what with editing and such) on the day before her … Continue reading 19 Years Young

I remember

Today you are being late to rest after your untimely death. At 29 years old you are gone too soon. This poem is just for you, plain, simple and straightforward, just like you liked to see the world. I will miss you and I will never forget you. Watch over us my angel… Continue reading I remember